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National Lampoon during the '70s brilliant. A parody of '70s tv schlock, the pathetic/hilarious attempts of '70s corporate culture to attract the 'youth' market, and the '70s psyche of a certain fake Indian tenured radical. I swear I could see and hear the commercials.

You're a comic genius, Iowahawk.


ANSWER: Tire slashings, the dead casting ballots, votes for smokes, military absentee ballots "misplaced".

QUESTION: What do Milwaukee and Kiev have in common?


That is a pretty inpressive piece of linkage there. I kept expecting that guy (Stash?) from the Illinois Tollway Authority to turn up chomping a kielbasa.

That's how far back I go.


I vote for a parody of all the pundits who are more vociferous about Iraq being a disaster, the more the Iraqis say how much they are looking forward to voting.

SSG Pooh

The Mars Cheese Castle! Yummy!

(I refuse to use the apostrophe. Ruins the effect.)


boxer boxer boxer boxer boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer! Boxer! Boxer! Boxer! BOXER! BOXER! BOXER! BOXER! BOXER!

Or that Moonbat Professer creep that called the victims of 9/11 "little Eichmanns".

Either one has my vote for Iowahawk-style skewering by satire.


Dude, you're on a roll. Please make it Barbara Boxer next.


So did AFSCME supply the razors to slash GOP vans' tires, or did they have to wait for the children of elected Cheesehead Dems to get those?


i think you misrepresented this tour. i was limited to only two voting locations, beloit and milwaukee...altho i was able to cast several votes while in milwaukee. also, while promised a turkey i was only given some frozen chicken wings.


When did you switch from satire to straight news?

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