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Q: Imam, I'm a, uh, you know. And I've got this, ah, you know. So, I mean is it OK to, hmmm, you know? If so then, well, why, uh, you know? Because, ah, you know. Allah, be, um, you know. Thank, um, you know.

Curious About, Ah, You Know, All That

A. Dear Curious in Allah, in His works, in His Goodness, in His sure-thing lotto picks, Allah, the Great, The Good, the Most Merciful and Forgiving and the Soft Touch for the Needful Zakat Sawbuck, be praised. OK, now, what is this some kinda joke? This is a column for serious religious queries. Whoever is writing this stuff making fun of Islam's imams, you are going to get one big fat fatwah slapped on your skinny sacrilegious kaffir butt, funny boy. May Allah the All-Merciful, the Compassionate, and All-Loving -- but not in any sense that Man-Boy thing -- visit the fires of Jahannam in the deep of your stink-hole and rip you a new one where he will insert your head and the heads of your family and the sinful limbs of forty of your compadres soaked in kerosene all squirming around-like in the parking lot of your newly enlarged bowels. Ha! How's that for funny, funny boy? Yeah. Pig-dog. Allah B. Good.

And so on and so on.

We make fun, but not more fun than the humorless Islamite provokes.



I'm just wondering if Princess Diana's hind parts were shaved. If so, did that allow her mind to stay clean?


Regarding mary's fatwa memo:

I only wish the French cook that had me spending Bastille Day 1977 on the loo in a Parisian Girls' school had such a grip on sanitation...


I didn't think 'Ask The Imam' could be parodied, because it's such a parody of itself, but you've done it. Congratulations! It's sort of parody of a parody, wrapped up in kufir cooties.

If you need more inspiration, here's another memo from the Fatwa department (warning: serious toilet humor)


The absolute best..dang I needed a good laugh from the idiocy of this religion


"pussy beano"




Q: I need to know what is the fatwa for passing gas from the front in women?
A: Pussy farts do not invalidate the Wudhu if they are silent. However, they are a sign of disrepect in the wife, and she should cut down on the falafel. If it continues, she should be beaten or given Pussy Beano or something.


Q:I need to know what a fatwad is for in passing gas in front of a women?
A: A: Hussy pants do not invalidate the WhoDealtIt if they are silent in their passing. However, they are a sign of Depends dependancy in the wifes breathing becomes labored, and she should go to the O2's. If it continues, he should be beaten into depends with a latex fatwad in back that captures the passing.

Brian B

I was doing ok until I got to "Not only is this Deen, you will soon have a bitchin' Merc lead sled which is holy in the eyes of Allah, peace be unto him."

Then I lost it.

Confederate Yankee

Oh my, the dingleberries! Please, make the forbidden fruit go away!


Pussy Beano? My face hurts, from trying to stifle the laughter.

noisy ghost

You made me laugh so hard, my head hurts. Next time, maybe you could break this kind of thing into two posts so I can recuperate.

>>Dingleberries make baby Mohammed cry.


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