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I like my own slogan for Kerry: "Kerry Lied, POWs Died!"

Blog on.

PS. Hugh Hewitt drive a VOLVO! Generalissimo Duane at least drives a F-Body (Camaro). But, I scare them both with my T-Birds.

N. O'Brain

My contribution to the Kerry Campaign:

"It Takes A Kerry To Raze A Village"


From the "truth through ambiguity" department

Do you want four years of continuing disasters or not?

As consistant as the day is long

Ron Lambert

Here are a few more slogans for Kerry:

"If you don't like my position on the issues, just wait a day or two."

"I'm for whatever you're for!"

"I'm the anti-war candidate--I'm the man to lead America in the war on terror."

"My running mate and I are joined in supporting same sex marriage--let us share our family values with you."

"I may have the most liberal voting record of any senator, but I'm really a conservative."

"I'm proud of my service in Vietnam, even though I confessed to being a war criminal."

"Even though I was AWOL in the Senate for 20 years, I'm reporting for duty now!"

"I'm the non-racist candidate!"

James Beam

Better Living through Complicity

Stronger Words Now for a Stronger America Now

John Kerry -- Existentialist Extraordinare


Will f**k for money.

Jeff G

I saw this in my referer log and thought it might be a porn site.

Frank J.

Congrats on making Best of the Web. You're so funny I may have to kill you.


They are wonderful ,I would only add one:
" Do You Know Who I Am?"


And the beat keeps going (WSJ Opinion Jornal now linking you, you may get some more visitors, like me) :)

Hmm, a suggested slogan...

"If you support smaller Government, vote for me. I've hardly even been noticed at my last job."


Great slogans.

J Thmas Lowry

The slogans should be forwarded to the laggards who put out the farsical feces known as a Kerry statement.


Hey thanks 'Hawk. You know Kerry owns a chrysler 600 right? The pecker.


I love your list of slogans. They are truly inspired stuff.

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