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to go with a gas tax would be fair to some but unfair to others if you have to drive to work any distance. my little car gets 36 mpg why not make the tax hit the cars that really suck down lots of gas your lovely suv's at 8-14 mpg and a very popular vehicle hold on theses are the same people that pay 2 dollars for a bottle of avion (WATER) it doesn't affect them that much.

Rusty Shackleford

"I've outed myself."


cedar pundit

I normally like a lot of what Andrew Sullivan writes, but his gas tax idea is insane.

I mean the guy lives in DC and rides a bike around. What does he know about flyover country? Nothing.


Wow. I've read your stuff before, Iowahawk, but this one is great. I would say that I sprayed coffee all over my monitor, or that I had to explain to my boss why I was laughing so hard and disturbing the other cubicle-dwellers, but in all honesty, I neither drink coffee nor have a job in cubeville. So let's just say I enjoyed it, especially the crack about the Founding Fathers and an easy-to-collect, unavoidable tax.

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