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dzwonki polifoniczne gry java

really? ;)


When you started with some ululation I knew it was going to be good.


Fucking brilliant.

Just a browser

I have read a LOT of blogs and boards since Sunday and I have to say that this is the FUNNIEST thing out there! So on target! You really caught the moment. This is very good. Kudos!


He-he-he-he. "The mother of all campaigns!"


welcome to the bsphere. good stuff. here via LGF.

Speed Racer

to funny or not to funny... I meant too funny!

Speed Racer

To funny! Write more!


"our opposition researchers have found evidence he may have once employed non-union guards, who were reportedly Republicans."



Hilarious!! And too close to the truth- 'roasting Bush's intestines...' really would appeal to some of our so-called liberals...


Didn't you post that at LGF a few months back? I remember reading it and rolling on the floor laughing my ass off...

Guy Smilee

Hm. For some reason, my comment - *snrk* showed up under Dobeln's sobriquet. Is there something wrong with the comment function?

Guy Smilee



Sweet post - It's a definite bookmark! =)


just awesome. thanks!


Great post.

Jersey Joe

Dude! Where's the tipjar? I guess I'll send a few greenbacks in your name to a military family charity.

Jersey Joe

If "US Forces Capture New Dem Frontrunner" is the only thing you ever write, your blog will be remembered as a rousing success! I'm off to hit the tipjar!


Best wishes on your new blog. I've enjoyed reading your posts on LGF. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Saddam is captured. Our troops are great.

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