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November 20, 2008



I was going to ask what a Nailhead engine was, but decided to look it up on Wikipedia instead. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buick_V8_engine My automotive trivia lesson of the day. Turns out that my first car, a 1965 Buick Skylark 2-door hardtop with the 300 V8 and power glide, isn't too far removed from the nailhead engine. Who knew?

Marlene Henley

I always like classic cars. Both outside and inside the car looks dashing. I don't even see a single scratch, whoever wants to see one anyway? The owner of this car must have had a good time in maintaining it. Driving this car must be really worth it.


Classic cars never go out of style and elegance. My friend actually rented a vintage car during a vacation in France last year. He told me how amazing the cars are! I would also love to test drive those cars anytime soon!

hot rod air ride

I just couldn't get enough of this hot rods! Talk about overdose!

Air Ride Parts

Hot rods, not only classics but the purest in form of style and performance. If you don't love classic cars you gotta love hot rods.

air ride kits

That's some nifty work done into it. Not only the outside looks graceful, the inside is really hardcore!

CGS cat back exhaust

The engine looks so cool! Must have spent a fortune into it!

Friese Customs Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Nice Nice nice ride, I can't stop loving these old cars

Tom Friese
CEO Friese Customs
Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

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