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May 15, 2008



how far did you get in the bidding?
I was in the garden, Turbonique action sounds more fun for weekend activity!

CGS cat back exhaust

It just has everything you want in a car. I am really amazed how well this is customized and tuned.

CGS exhaust

The interior parts are really shown great and I believe this car has good performance.


I believe I have found Gene Edward Middlebrooks. If this is the same Gene Middlebrooks, he is 70 years old and lives near Huntsville Alabama (which would make sense since that is where most of NASA's rocket design work is done. And he'd be about the right age.). someone should contact him and buy the rights to the designs and bring Turbonique back, updated for modern vehicles. can you just see a Toyota Camry sporting 1500 hp?

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