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March 21, 2008



You have two healthy children, they should fetch enough on the black market to pay for the car and a new pair of pants (to replace the ones you fill with shit after the first time you light up that candle.)


Yeah, but Raoul the local child broker told me I would probably get docked 30-40% because they're both biters.


I don't suppose this thing comes with a drum of the good stuff go-go juice does it? what was it called? N-prophylactic tartrate or something? and oh yeah, almost forgot, Carter is still a pussy. (just in case Matt comes back.)
Shheeeeeiiit!, just looked at the slideshow, 1500 horsies with a bench seat?, hell I'd be pleased as punch with just a beater version of Coop's Falcon.


The French have a word for it: Bitchin'.


Hmm, seems I've found a loophole. Check your beer fund. I know you said no actual cash, but the sad fact is I have a dominant "pinchpenny" gene that seldom yields to the recessive "munificence" gene. (One of many reasons I can't keep a decent harem.) Now, I won't broadcast how much I've PayPal'd you, but let's just say you don't have to worry about money anymore.


Thanks! But I stopped worrying about money years ago, right after I discovered Sloe Gin & Percoset.


I prefer heroin and Skittles.


Feh, once you've had a Unisom,ho-ho and malt liquor combo, you'll never go back to mere heroin or percoset.


Somehow I think you will fold like a cheap card table the first time you light it up. Bill Cosby tells your story (with names changed) so well in 200 M.P.H



I've found what looks like a pretty good mechanic course online. But I'm not sure if I should go to a college or a specialist school to be a motorcycle mechanic.

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